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Property Development and Investment Opportunities

L.B. offers a matchless selection of services to ensure your property developments and investments are professionally managed to the highest standards.
The L.B. Investment team already have a substantial property portfolio and provide guidance to private and corporate investors to formulate their strategy with ultimate purpose to maximise capital growth and rental yield. We advise on various feasibility options for land and property and we recommend the optimum strategy to realize the propertys potential. Our services focus on:

Identifying Optimum Land Use Strategies
Market Research and Analysis
Development Option Scenarios
Planning Reviews
Financial Analysis and Modelling

Acquisitions and Renting

We aim to meet your daily needs by finding a space that is functional, efficient and in a pleasant environment. Moreover, we have the ability to negotiate and agree the best possible terms in all cases. This can be done in four stages:

We listen to your requirements. This stage involves assessing your budget, preferred location, property specification and methods of financing if required. We can also advise you on whether you should buy or rent the property.
We conduct a comprehensive property research and examine market trends using our expertise in order to find you the right space.
We negotiate on behalf of you in order to minimize your costs and secure you the best deal. If your intention is to get a leasehold, we will advise you on the appropriate rent, lease length and rent reviews.
We are always willing to work closely with your legal consultants in order to finalize the deal and make the process more efficient.

We help buyers maximise their property search by providing comprehensive search functionality so you can search by area, type, price, and distance.

Sales and Lettings

Our priority during the selling or letting process is to help our clients to realize substantial capital growth, secure higher rents and maximize the value of their properties while minimising possible risks in the most efficient manner. We advise our clients on the most suitable method of sale and let their properties in the shortest period of time. Our professional team has the necessary experience and skills to negotiate the sale of the property on behalf of our clients; however, if the property is offered for lease, we can negotiate an assignment on the best possible lease terms.
We provide a complete property service with complementary services to help make your property move as seamless as possible. This includes:

RICS chartered surveyors providing a variety of survey and valuation services.

A panel of independent law firms who are experts in the Cyprus property market.

The property search tool on our website enables you to see properties we are currently marketing as well as properties we have sold.

Property Valuations

The L.B. LANDBANK PROPERTY CONSULTANTS LTD collaborates with professional Chartered Surveyors (RICS members) who carry out property valuation all over Cyprus. Our valuation reports are prepared according to RICS Professional Valuation Standards and Practice Statements (The Red Book) ensuring the quality of our work.

Simply contact our valuation department and one of our associates will contact you as soon as possible.

Acquisition & Sale

Thinking of buying or selling a property?

Our valuations reflect the frequent changes in todays dynamic property market. Our professional team has an extensive market knowledge, experience and access to the most up to date information ensuring the credibility of the report and its outcome. We provide you our view on the prospects of the property and advice on the negotiation procedure.

Loan Security

We act on behalf of a wide range of banks and financial institutions in Cyprus preparing valuations for loan security, review and restructuring purposes. Our aim is to provide with all the physical and legal characteristics of the property so that the institution that is giving out the loan is fully informed on the situation of the property. This valuation also includes a value for the Estimated Restricted Realisation Price of the property assuming that the property goes on sale without any marketing period. Our valuations are prepared in accordance with the RICS Valuation Professional Standards and Practice Statements.

Assets Valuation

We offer valuations for financial reporting statements to high net worth individuals, private corporations, listed companies and pension funds. Property forms a significant part of every companys assets and asset valuations are essential for the financial statements in order to reflect the fair value of the company. Our services are focused on the following standards:

IAS 16 Owner Occupied Property
IAS 17 Leasehold Property
IAS 40 Investment Property

Feasibility Studies

We advise on various feasibility options for land and property and we recommend the optimum strategy to realize the propertys potential.

The team has the market knowledge and experience to deliver a feasibility study based on in-depth market research to ensure the development is viable, meets market demand, and can generate a profit. We help investors identify the best areas in Cyprus for rental yields and capital growth. We can help landlords expand or manage their portfolio, and also provide a caretaking service for unoccupied property investments.

Property Portfolio Strategy

Do you know what your property portfolio is worth?

Our experienced portfolio consultants advises property owners on the determination of strategies for their assets. We analyze clients investment strategy profile, the characteristics of the property and we provide advice on short-term issues and on the long-term strategy. We offer this service for a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors.

Expert Witness

We offer valuation services to legal consultants and other clients, and act as an expert witness in a court hearing, in the following areas:

Compulsory Purchase: Disputes on the determination of the compensation from a compulsory purchase scheme
Rent Reviews: Determination of the fair rent

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